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Home Care and Time Use During The Pandemic


This research report was prepared by the KONDA Research and Consultancy Inc. for the Turkey Representative of the Heinrich Böll Stiftung Association. It aims to understand the domestic work, home care, working practices and time use of the Turkish population aged 18 and over during the Coronavirus Pandemic, and to examine differences before the pandemic and in different periods of the pandemic.


Values and Attitudes among Kurds

On the basis of empirical data collected in 11 cities, the report aims at contributing to a better understanding of the values and attitudes of Kurds over the age of 18 years, and to present similarities and differences both among themselves and between them and the Turkish society.

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Naming Violence:

The report Naming Violence: Women's Religious Belongings and Their Ways to Survive Violence, produced by Havle Women's Association with the contribution of Heinrich Böll Stiftung Turkey, has been published.