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Home Care and Time Use During The Pandemic

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This research report was prepared by the KONDA Research and Consultancy Inc. for the Turkey Representative of the Heinrich Böll Stiftung Association. It aims to understand the domestic work, home care, working practices and time use of the Turkish population aged 18 and over during the Coronavirus Pandemic, and to examine differences before the pandemic and in different periods of the pandemic.

The report includes household size and characteristics, relations within the household and work sharing, the situation and care of the individuals living in the household and in need of care, domestic relations and working practices during the pandemic, remote working and distance education practices and the difficulties experienced in these matters, and demographic differences in the use of time. These issues have been analyzed and interpreted both in themselves and in comparison with findings both pre-pandemic and from the early stages of the pandemic.

The content of the report reflects the opinions and preferences of the people interviewed. Face-to-face interviews were carried out in households of select regions during the period 22-24 October 2021.

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