Benan Molu
Benan Molu

Benan Molu is a human rights lawyer specialized in international human rights law, humanitarian law and domestic law and judicial procedures in Turkey.

Since 2014, alongside Ass Prof Serkan Koybasi, she has been preparing the online blog Anayasa Gundemi (Journal of the Constitution) focusing on developments in human rights law and constitutional law. The same team is organizing Turkey’s one and only moot court on individual application to the Constitutional Court between universities.

She also has been delivering regional training sessions on individual application procedure and admissibility to the lawyers and human defenders with Council of Europe and Union of Bar Associations.

She is the co-author of the book named “Disciplinary Proceedings against University Students: Freedom of Expression and Association" published in 2013 and author of the book named “The Scope and Application of Article 18 and the Effects of Violation Judgments under Article 18 of the European Convention on Human Rights” published in 2019. She has also been publishing numerous articles related to human rights violations in various law journals.

She has been particularly involved in works related to cases concerning serious violations of fundamental rights and freedoms against especially opponents, MPs, lawyers and human rights defenders. As a former trainee at the European Court of Human Rights, internationally, she has brought numerous important cases before the Turkish Constitutional Court and the European Court of Human Rights that contributed in changes both to Turkey and other member states of the Council of Europe practices and/or legislation including in respect of the right to life, right to liberty and security, right to have a fair trial, right to freedom of assembly, freedom of expression, right to free elections and Article 18 of the ECHR.