Aksu Bora

A member of Hacettepe University Faculty of Communication, Aksu Bora is also the editor of “Amargi Feminist Theory, Politics Magazine” and Ayizi Publishing House. She is the author of “Women’s Class” (Kadınlar›n Sınıfı) and “Feminism among itself” (Feminizm Kendi Arasında) and co-editor of “Feminism in Turkey in the 1990s” (1990’larda Türkiye’de Feminizm). She is also co-author of several books, has (co-)translated many books, including “A Primer for Daily Life”, “Our Treacherous Hearts”, “The Yellow Wall Paper”, “Feminist Theory”, “Money Makes Us Relatives”, “A History of Anthropology”, “The Seed and the Soil.” She is the mother of Işık.