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A Political-Economic Map of The Turkish Defense Industry

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“Domestic and national” policies and the “strong state” hold increasing resonance in discourse describing the latest period of the Turkish political regime. The repressive, public order policies and practices of the domestic administration have been enhanced by increasing the number of police and municipal police, militarizing them qualitatively, and strengthening the technical and information infrastructure. Simultaneously the strategy to become a "regional power" abroad is being continued through the development of the "domestic and national" military industry. The security sector’s place and weight in the country’s political economy also encompasses political, social, and cultural topography, development strategies, the sphere of citizenship, imagination, and opportunities ranging from the ow of daily life to the disposal of individual and collective rights and freedoms. We hope that this report, which details the recent developments of the military industry in Turkey and its political-economic map using open sources, will become a reference for researchers, experts, non-governmental organizations, and journalists working in the relevant fields.

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