Perspectives #3.13

Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Turkey Representation
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Dezember 2012
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Political analysis and commentary from Turkey

Table of contents

3 Editor’s note

4 Feature articles: The Turkish question
4 Turkey’s Turkish identity question,
Doğu Ergil
8 Well, what do Turks want?
Ahmet İnsel
12 AKP’s approach to the Kurdish problem: One step forward, one step backward,
Evren Balta Paker
16 The Turkish state’s GAP hocus-pocus,
Mustafa Sönmez
20 Village guards: A “temporary” system ongoing for 26 years,
Abdürrahim Özmen
23 “Turkishness contract” and Turkish left,
Barış Ünlü
28 Feminists in the furnace of nationalism,
İnci Özkan Kerestecioğlu

32 Ecology
32 Seasonal farm workers: Pitiful victims or Kurdish laborers demanding equality? (I)
Deniz Duruiz
37 Urban transformation and law on disaster prevention: A pretext for lucrative investment,
Yaşar Adnan Adanalı
40 Urban transformation policies and the irrepressible rise of TOKİ,
Evrim Yılmaz

44 Democracy
44 Trade unions and deunionization during ten years of AKP rule,
Aziz Çelik
49 The right to resist against the poverty and oppression,
Ercan Kanar

51 International Politics
51 Turkey-EU Relations: What does Turkey want?
Ulrike Dufner

53 Culture
53 Cultural policies on urban level: İstanbul model,
Ayça İnce

57 Barometer
57 Turkey’s frailty of freedom of expression,
Hüsnü Öndül

58 Human Landscape
58 Civil death,
Mehmet Tarhan

59 News from hbs