3 minutes Turkey


In the land of bad stomachs: 2017 was the year of public food poisoning in Turkey

In 2017 the numbers of food poisoning cases all over Turkey was unprecedented high. In tens of cases which have occurred throughout the year particularly in secondary schools, Quran courses, universities, dormitories and military barracks, as well as workplaces, factories and constructions sites, thousands have been poisoned by the food they have eaten in canteens. 

A difficult relationship – Turkey’s climate policy at this year’s climate summit in Bonn

3 Minutes Turkey

The reason why Turkey is not among those developing countries eligible for climate finance is the appendix system which was adopted by UNFCCC at 1992 and the system is ended with Paris Agreement. But under this appendix system Turkey as an OECD country was considered as developing country which has many duties on to contribute funding of technology and capacity building to under develop countries. 

The Mufti Law

The law, which women’s organizations and the parliamentary opposition have been protesting comprises significant changes in the regulation of marriage matters contrary to secular principles and to the disadvantage of women. Authorizing religious authorities, the muftis, to officiate marriages is only one of them. 

Where are all the flowers gone? – Deforestation in Ankara

On the evening of September 9th this year hundreds of construction workers started building a new road through the forest on the campus of the Middle East Technical University (METU) in Ankara. The trucks and excavators were accompanied by hundreds of policemen to prevent possible resistance and demonstrations. 

Mysterious dynamite action in Hasankeyf

During the last week a short video “went viral” which depicted how several caves in the upper parts of Hasankeyf  - an ancient city in the southeast of Turkey - were demolished with dynamite as part of construction work undertaken to erect a large damm.

"What shall we do after getting off the (pink) bus?"

Is it a coincidence that whenever news about sexual assaults against women and children are on the rise, magically from somewhere male politicians will appear suggesting to solve the issue by shoving women into gender-segregated busses and trains?