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Challenges and Opportunities of Refugee Integration in Turkey


The present report ‘Challenges and Opportunities of Refugee Integration in Turkey’, written by Dr. Doğuş Şimşek and Metin Çorabatır, aims to contribute a part to unlock the potential, integration could have for Turkey and the refugee population alike. It does not only illustrate the integration gap under the current temporary asylum system but provides ideas for how to tackle the challenges to refugee integration.

For Democracy


The present publication “For Democracy” outlines and analyzes the state of democracy worldwide as well as the possibilities of democracy assistance.

Coal Atlas: Facts and figures on a fossil fuel


Our Coal Atlas contains the latest facts and figures on the use of coal and its environmental and social consequences. With more than 60 detailed graphics, the atlas illustrates the coal industry’s impact on nature, health, labour, human rights and politics.

Alternatif Issue 2

The second issue of Alternatif is out. Knowing that the refugee crisis will continue to be on top of the Turkish agenda, we gave it wide coverage: Feature articles seek answers to the situation in Turkey with a special focus on the current paradigm shift following the EU-Turkey summit on refugees in December 2015. From an alternetif perspective, we tried to look to the foreign policy agenda of the country with Jens Siegert's article on the recent tension between Russia and Turkey, and to domestic politics alike through the interview with Bekir Ağırdır about the November 1 election results and the "surreal state of mind" of the Turkish society. On the culture pages, we hosted Emin Alper and his recent film Abluka (Fenzy) which portrays the "bitter irony of reality". All articles can be reached here: ....
In the hope of having prepared an interesting and insightful issue of Alternatif, we like to wish all our readers a happy and productive new year.

Alternatif - Issue 1

Starting with this issue, our Perspectives will be published as Alternatif, and online. With the dossier "Before the flood: Paris" the first issue of Alternatif features articles and interviews on the reasons and results of climate change, international as well as national climate policies, and draws the attention to the upcoming COP21 Summit in Paris. As usual, you will find articles about the important developments and issues of the pre-election agenda of Turkey - such as the violence of power, the peace process, refugee crisis and food security- under the categories Democracy, Ecology, Foreign Policy and Culture. We hope that you will find this first issue of Alternatif as interesting as you hopefully found the previous issues of Perspectives. We are always happy to listen to your feedback.

Perspectives - Issue 13

The thirteenth issue of Perspectives, "Analysis and Commentary from Turkey", is out now. In this issue, we are featuring a special dossier on "Global Governance and Development". The articles critically approach the understanding of development and related policies in both Turkey and at the global level, discuss the current situation of Turkish development policies in industry and agriculture, and call attention to alternatives to the existing development discourse. Under our usual titles, you will find important discussions about the democracy, foreign policy, ecology and cultural agenda of Turkey; for example, some cover current political issues, such as the presidential elections in Northern Cyprus, the June 7th General Elections, and the Camp Armen resistance, of which the consequences are still to be observed. In this issue, you will also find an interesting interview with the authors of a recent publication on the Armenian Genocide, "One Hundred Years of Sorrow, 1915- On the Track of Social Memory in Diyarbakır".

Perspectives - Issue 11


11th issue of Perspectives "Turish Economy on the Eve of General Elections" is out now. We feature a special dossier on the status of economy in Turkey, titled: The Economy is Swell, the Citizen is Unwell". You can find 2 comprehensive feature articles. As usual, we cover foreign policy, ecology and culture topics with very interesting article.

Perspectives - Sayı 11

Heinrich Böll Stiftung Derneği'nin yayınladığı Perspectives - "Türkiye'den siyasi analiz ve yorum" dergimizin 11. sayısı çıktı. Bu sayıdaki dosyamızın başlığı: "Seçime Doğru Türkiye-Ekonomisi". Dosyamız G20 ve Küresel Kriz arefesinde Türkiye ekonimisi üzerine 2 kapsamlı yazıyı içeriyor. Her zamanki gibi ekoloji, dış politika ve kültür başlıkları altında birbirinden ilginç makalelere buradan PDF olarak ulaşabilirsiniz.

Perspectives - Issue 10

10th issue of Perspectives "Analysis and Commentary from Turkey" is out now. We feature a special dossier on the status of children in Turkey, titled: The Children of The "New Turkey". You can find 5 comprehensive feature articles on the experiences and problems of children in contemporary Turkey. As usual, we cover foreign policy, ecology and culture topics with very interesting articles.
If you would like to subscribe for the hard copy of Perspectives or request a PDF copy, please email
We hope you enjoy reading Perspectives and expect your feedback.
HBS Turkey Representation Team

Perspectives Issue 9


9th issue of Perspectives "Analysis and Commentary from Turkey" is out now. We feature two special dossiers in this issue: the democracy dossier analyzes the current situation and strategies of significant political actors towards the Presidential elections. We also prepared a gender and macroeconomy dossier, which hopefully would provide an introduction to a gendered reading of macroeconomic issues in Turkey, who will be hosting the G20 summit in 2015. As usual we cover foreign policy, ecology and culture topics with very interesting articles.

Perspectives Issue 8


This issue opens with an article by Yunus Sözen that evaluates the local elections which were held on 30 March. Our special dossier is on capital and capitalists in Turkey. We analyze the varieties of business groups from Gülen community to capitalists of the Kurdish region. Democracy section features an article on recent internet censorship efforts by the government. As usual we have other interesting articles in our Ecology, International Politics, Culture and Human Landscape sections. We hope you enjoy the read.

Perspectives Issue 7


We greet 2014 with a new lay out and, as usual, feature articles that examine the background of the current political atmosphere in Turkey. As Turkey enters into a period of elections, Perspectives analyzes the strategies of main political actors and emphasizes the role of urban politics for the municipal elections in March 2014. In our dossier, we cover a range of articles from the autonomy of local governments to “crazy” construction projects planned by the central government. The Democracy section is particularly rich in this issue and supported by two extensive articles on the foreign policy of Turkey and cultural politics of the Gezi Protests. Muharrem Erbey, a human rights activist under arrest as a part of KCK trials, is our guest in the human landscapes section.

We hope you enjoy reading our 7th issue, which we hope serves as a compass in these tumultuous times for politics in Turkey. Of course, we appreciate any feedback and comments.

Perspectives #6.13


The 6th issue of Perspectives - Political Analysis and Commentary from Turkey is out now with feature articles on "Grapes of Wrath: The Transformation of Agriculture and Rural Areas in Turkey". We prepared this issue for highlighting ongoing reforms in the field of rural development and agriculture in Turkey. Gökhan Günaydın, Abdullah Aysu and Sibel Caşkurlu are some of the authors who contribute in our feature articles section. The 6th issue of the Journal also covers articles on current political issues, foreign affairs, economy, environment and art. We followed-up on our last issue on Gezi Protests with three articles and an interview. We hope you enjoy the read and welcome any feedbacks.

Perspectives #5.13


Political analysis and commentary from Turkey with a special cover story on Gezi Protests
The protests sprang from Gezi Park, and spread throughout Turkey in a short period of time, mark a historical turning point for Turkish democracy. Accounts and analyses of Gezi Protests are limited for foreign readers. Therefore, for this extraordinary occasion, we introduce a special cover story on Gezi Park Protests in our 5th issue. Perspectives - Political Analysis and Commentary from Turkey - evaluates the protests through three articles from Deniz Özgür (Gezi Park activist), Cengiz Çandar (political analyst) and Ska Keller (Member of the European Parliament).

Perspectives #4.13


The 4th issue of Perspectives, the Journal of Political Commentary and Analysis from Turkey, is just published! It contains feature articles on the "Green Movement in Turkey". Besides that you will also find articles on the fields of democracy, culture, ecology and foreign policy. In this issue we included an interview in our Human Landscape section. We hope you enjoy reading the new issue of Perspectives!

Perspectives #3.13


We’re happy to announce that the third issue of our quarterly magazine Perspectives – Political analysis and commentary from Turkey just appeared today with a rich collection of articles on hot political issues,democracy as well as the political system, the environment, ecology, the arts and many other subjects. The highlight in this second issue will be on “ The Turkish Question ” with perspectives by Doğu Ergil, Ahmet İnsel, Evren Balta Paker, Mustafa Sönmez, and İnci Özkan Kerestecioğlu.

Perspectives #2.12


We’re happy to announce that the second issue of our quarterly magazine Perspectives – Political analysis and commentary from Turkey just appeared today with a rich collection of articles on hot political issues, foreign policy and economy as well as the political system, the environment, ecology, the arts and many other subjects. The highlight in this second issue will be on the “ Middle East andTurkey ” with perspectives by Soli Özel, Bayram Balcı, Sedat Aybar, Şah İsmail Bedirhanoğlu, and Sezgin Tanrıkulu not to mention a first-hand account of what’s happening in Hatay by Nidal Özdemir, a local resident. The authors draw a critical analysis on the so-called new foreign policy of Foreign Minister Davutoglu. They clearly show, why this policy was meant to fail from the beginning. Turkey’s policy towards Syria and its perception in Syria will be debated based on a up to date view from within.

Perspectives #1.12


The feature articles of this first issue deal with the historical background and recent developments concerning the “deep state” of Turkey. We regard the “deep state” as one of the important impediments in the democratization of this country. With the different reforms that led to a change in the civil-military relationship, with the law suits such as the Ergenekon trial, and with the trial against responsible personality of the coup d’état in 1980, it became a much discussed topic; if the AKP government attempts to destroy the deep state; if it is accommodating to it or just changing the actors of the “deep state”. In our first issue, we try to give answer to these questions. In addition to the feature articles, topical articles on issues such as the reform of the educational system, censorship in the arts as well as the renewable energy law and the reform of the health system are addressed.