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Foreign & Security Policy

Third Anniversary of EU-Turkey Statement: A Legal Analysis

The number of asylum applications in Lesvos has tripled over the last three years. Finally, international refugee rights advocates also point to poor reception and housing conditions in Turkey and claim that these conditions might trigger voluntary returns.

By Neva Övünç Öztürk, Cavidan Soykan


Laws of the Game in the Field of the Law

Migration rules

Russia is hosting the FIFA World Cup from June 14 to July 15. That means stronger security measures until the end of July in 11 Russian cities.Olga Gulina, director of the Berlin Institute on Migration Policy, explains how to follow the migration laws of this game.

Welcome to Turkey

“WelcomeToTurkey” is a collective effort that intends to listen to the stories of the Syrians living in Turkey through their very own words. 

The Situation in Turkey With Respect to the Refugees from Syria

The necessity to assess Turkey’s refugee policies has become very clear when we consider the current situation. The decision of Turkey to open its gates to the people fleeing Syria after the start of the conflicts was a necessary and rightful one. However, a series of mistakes have been made since the first refugees set foot in Turkey

By Nejat Taştan

Global Governance

Russia and Iran: Foreign policy as a balancing act


Russia’s policy in the Middle East is geared strictly to the country’s interests: to fulfil its role as a major power, stabilise the region and minimise every risk as much as possible. This offers opportunities.

By Johannes Voswinkel

America’s Iran Policy: Between War-Weariness and Military Escalation


Donald Trump is caught in a deadlock of his own making. He does not want to find himself responsible for a new war in the Middle East right in the middle of an election campaign. At the same time, he wants to look like a tough guy who never backtracks. This is what is making the situation so unpredictable.

By Bastian Hermisson

About Russia...and not all about football

Many of us are happy about the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Football has the power to unite people, and thousands of international visitors are coming into Russia and bringing open-mindedness and vibrancy to a country that has recently been seen as on the road toward isolation. We would like to use the World Cup as a chance to provide you with more information about Russia. The Moscow office of the Heinrich Böll Foundation has prepared a series of texts and video materials on various topics relevant to Russia that are going to be published in the coming weeks. 


G20: Key Issues of Turkish Presidency and the 2017 Hamburg Summit

With the contributions of Didem Demircan, Güven Sak, Menekşe Kızıldere and Catherine Long, we would like to remind the reader about the important issues from the Turkish Presidency in 2015 and shed some light on this years meeting. We hope you'll enjoy reading their analyses. 

Turkey's foreign policy decoded

Turkeys Foreign policy decoded Die Türkei-Vertretung der Heinrich Böll Stiftung widmet sich in der Veranstaltungsreihe „Turkey’s Foreign Policy Decoded“ der Außenpolitik der Türkei und...

The Heinrich Böll Foundation Turkey Representation carries out works for contributing to a transparent, democratic and peaceful understanding of foreign policy. It supports projects that aim at enhancing the relations of Turkey with the EU and other regional actors, and incentives that contribute to civil society dialogue. Through conferences, research activities and publications it intends to create the necessary fund of knowledge and discussion platform for making Turkey’s foreign policy more comprehensible, monitorable and moldable by the civil society. 

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