Social & Ecological Transformation

In the land of bad stomachs: 2017 was the year of public food poisoning in Turkey

In 2017 the numbers of food poisoning cases all over Turkey was unprecedented high. In tens of cases which have occurred throughout the year particularly in secondary schools, Quran courses, universities, dormitories and military barracks, as well as workplaces, factories and constructions sites, thousands have been poisoned by the food they have eaten in canteens. 

Article 75; the Knell for the Environment

What exactly is article 75 about and what is its meaning for the environment? Article 75 ‘Supporting investments in accord with the scale of projects’ authorizes the cabinet to exempt certain infrastructure projects, that due to being controversial are in need of passing standard legal procedures, from the mandatory application of procedures such as  permissions, licenses, allotments, and environmental as well as social impact assessments. 

Trees versus Concrete: Deforestation in the North Bosphorus Region and Civil Society Responses

Currently, up to 4 million trees are cleared in connection to the construction of the 3rd Bosphorus bridge and a new airport, and this might just be the beginning. Against the background of this threat, Turkish environmentalists have organized protests and taken up the fight against deforestation. Due to problems with democratic decision-making and the rule of law, civil society efforts have so far shown very limited results. One of the pressing questions of the future, therefore, will be which other options are available to civil society to respond to the threat of deforestation. 

By Konrad Gürtler