Promotion of democracy

The Mufti Law

The law, which women’s organizations and the parliamentary opposition have been protesting comprises significant changes in the regulation of marriage matters contrary to secular principles and to the disadvantage of women. Authorizing religious authorities, the muftis, to officiate marriages is only one of them. 

Frauenbewegung zu Beginn des 20. Jahrhunderts

Wirft man einen Blick auf die Frauenbewegungen zur Zeit des Osmanischen Reiches und der Gründungsphase der Republik Türkei, erkennt man, dass anfangs insbesondere das Recht auf Bildung, das Wahlrecht und die Staatsbürgerschaft als besonders dringend eingestuft wurden. 

By Nacide Berber

Women’s Museums

The Women's Museum brings together women's museums from different countries of the world.

Civic Charter

Repression of civil society is on the rise all over the world. The charter aims to support civil society organizations as activists throughout the world, to advocate for their rights and freedom of action, and to demand government guarantees.