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G20: Key Issues of Turkish Presidency and the 2017 Hamburg Summit

With the contributions of Didem Demircan, Güven Sak, Menekşe Kızıldere and Catherine Long, we would like to remind the reader about the important issues from the Turkish Presidency in 2015 and shed some light on this years meeting. We hope you'll enjoy reading their analyses. 

What is the approach of the Turkish foreign policy towards the Islamic State (IS)?

The path dependency of Turkey has increased and the alternatives have diminished. Furthermore, the foreign policy has lost its strategical quality, depth and maneuverability in the turbulence created by the ideological and domestically biased political decisions, which are compounded due to the Syrian issue. It seems that after all these interventions, Turkey has become a passive rather than an active player, although it continues to be a party to the discussions thanks to its geopolitical importance.

By Ahmet K. Han

MEANWHILE IN IRAQ The background of ISIL's ascent in the region

Iraq has been at the top of the list of Middle Eastern nations torn apart by violent wars for many years. In 2014, the conflict engulfed Iraqi Kurdistan, one of the region's more stable areas. The unremitting battles and conflicts in Iraq made headlines on the first day of 2014, when the police of the Shiite Maliki government organized a bloody raid to the home of the Sunnite MP Ahmed al-Alwani. 

By Fehim Işık

The AKP’s Foreign Policy: Rupture in continuity, continuity in rupture

The question of whether or not the foreign policy pursued during the AKP (Justice and Democracy Party) era signifies rupture has long been debated. Particularly in the aftermath of the Mavi Marmara incident,  many have sought to give an answer to the question if there has been an ‘axis shift’ in Turkish foreign policy.

By Foti Benlisoy

Turkey's foreign policy decoded

Turkeys Foreign policy decoded Die Türkei-Vertretung der Heinrich Böll Stiftung widmet sich in der Veranstaltungsreihe „Turkey’s Foreign Policy Decoded“ der Außenpolitik der Türkei und...