Refugee & Migration Policy

Challenges and Opportunities of Refugee Integration in Turkey


The present report ‘Challenges and Opportunities of Refugee Integration in Turkey’, written by Dr. Doğuş Şimşek and Metin Çorabatır, aims to contribute a part to unlock the potential, integration could have for Turkey and the refugee population alike. It does not only illustrate the integration gap under the current temporary asylum system but provides ideas for how to tackle the challenges to refugee integration.

Welcome to Turkey

“WelcomeToTurkey” is a collective effort that intends to listen to the stories of the Syrians living in Turkey through their very own words. 

The Situation in Turkey With Respect to the Refugees from Syria

The necessity to assess Turkey’s refugee policies has become very clear when we consider the current situation. The decision of Turkey to open its gates to the people fleeing Syria after the start of the conflicts was a necessary and rightful one. However, a series of mistakes have been made since the first refugees set foot in Turkey

By Nejat Taştan